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Health care services

Many children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), will also have medical needs. Different clinical commissioning bodies are responsible for the health care provision for these children and young people.

The Designated Clinical Officer (DCO) supports joined up working between health services and local authorities.

The DCO is not routinely involved in assessments or planning for individuals, except in the course of their usual clinical practice, but would be responsible for ensuring that assessment, planning and health support is carried out by health providers.

Learning Disability Register

If your child or young person has a learning disability you can ask for them to be added to the Learning Disability Register at your doctor’s surgery. Anyone of any age, and any level of learning disability can join the register, even if they live independently and have little or no support. 

By being on the Learning Disability Register they will get extra support when they visit the doctors and could receive an annual health check once they are 14 years old. 

Mencap have worked with NHS England to develop guides to explain, you can find them by visiting: Join The Learning Disability Register - Read Our Guides | Mencap

Useful websites to health care services related to SEND in your area.

Healthcare Service for Children and Young People in Herefordshire

Healthcare Service for Children and Young People in Worcestershire


Healthwatch provide information on health services and give you the opportunity to have your say about how services operate. 

Healthwatch Herefordshire

Healthwatch Worcestershire

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